When Life Gets More Complicated.

Sometimes your finances become too complex or time consuming for you to manage and you need a trusted partner to take the load. Maybe you’re a busy executive or business owner wanting to spend less time on paperwork and more time with your kids. Or you’re a passionate medico wanting to focus on your vocation. Perhaps you are newly divorced or widowed and need a trusted adviser to guide you through a confusing, emotional time.


  • Free from the complexities and challenges of your financial affairs
  • Able to spend more time on what matters most
  • Confident your trusted adviser can put out the fires, jump over the obstacles and drive your goals.

Our service is:

  • Designed to alleviate complexity
  • Offers a custom roadmap that will guide you in the direction you want to go
  • Will resolve financial headaches so you can focus on living well.

About You.

  1. Some come to us after experiencing a major life event, such as divorce or the death of a spouse. For widows, there is much complexity over how an estate works, confusion around the executor role, and a need for wealth guidance – all while navigating overwhelming grief. Divorce is also a devastating time. Whether you’re negotiating settlement offers, or need help with the next steps, we can guide you through this difficult period and help protect your long-term security.
  2. Many clients are successful and extremely busy professionals. This includes medicos, executives or business owners, juggling complex and challenging roles with trying to be a good partner, good parent, good person and everything in between. Like these people, you may be looking to delegate your finances to a trusted firm who can take care of everything while you get back to the business of living well.
  3. We also count many retirees as clients (and friends!). Years of planning go into creating an abundant retirement, but the planning doesn’t stop after the golden handshake. With cash flow now coming from passive investment income, superannuation and savings, our retirees know the importance of a smart strategy to make that nest egg last longer.

How we advise

Think about your dream future. What does it look like? Content? Flourishing? Stress-free? Now imagine building this future. Like all projects, it will need a framework that details a clear direction, objectives, problems, opportunities and potential perils. The framework will leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses. As ‘project managers’, we will make sure your life project stays on schedule and that every strategic* goal is ticked off on (or ahead of) time, every time.

*Of course, all strategy is backed by our own expert in-house investment team.

We can

Be your trusted partner

We understand how tough it is to find the right team to trust your world with. We take great pride in the close and genuine relationships we share with our clients. Often, we take a life journey with them, sharing the good times and bad, the highs and lows, the successes, achievements, disappointments, big moments and heartbreaking decisions. We’re not like other firms who merely clip your ticket each year. We’re a consistent, dependable support and expert source of guidance throughout your entire life.

Help you to live well

We do this by getting to know you. Really know you. We get to know your family, your business, your role, your world, your aspirations, your values, your challenges. As time goes on and your children grow up and leave home, or that merger goes through, or those tax breaks change, or the markets drop, or your relationship ends, we are here, adapting your roadmap to ensure you still arrive at your dream destination.

Plan your estate and succession

We’re not a fan of the ‘D’ word, either. But it’s so important to plan well for the inevitable time when we pass on or become incapacitated. Don’t let a lifetime of hard work benefit anyone other than those you cherish most. With us, all your wishes will be firmly documented and your loved ones well taken care of.

Assist you in giving back

Many successful people are passionate about supporting causes close to their heart. We can help you to make clear and informed decisions on how you give back, helping you to maximise the impact of your giving and ensure it is most tax-effective.

Minimise unpredictability

One of life’s great certainties is that a curveball will come at you when you least expect it. Let us manage the unpredictability in your world and keep your heart rate steady. We can set you up a steady cash flow or risk management plan, and keep your wealth journey running smoothly and stress-free.

Manage your Super

Yawn. Did someone say Super? OK, Super may not be thrilling, but it sure is sensible. It also plays an essential part in the big picture of your long-term wealth. We can make the most of your Super and help organise your self-managed funds.

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