Guide Your Family’s Significant Wealth With Our Private Service.

Maybe you’ve built enormous success from enterprise, or you’ve inherited substantial riches. Whatever the case, we understand the unique needs private clients have, the complexities and concerns you face, and the utmost importance of preserving your family unity.

That’s why we’ve built a trusted concierge service where we’ll be available, at all times, to maintain and protect your money, your family harmony, your succession, your legacy and your privacy, as well as deliver you bespoke investment opportunities.

Our local concierge service for private clients is led by Stephen Kostarelas.

Steve and his team can:

  • Ensure your affairs are streamlined and simplified.
  • Keep your family mission strong.
  • Assist you in your philanthropic pursuits.
  • Map the transfer of your wealth.
  • Help you to enjoy the well-deserved fruits of your labour with the ones you love most.
  • Manage governance and offer specialist ongoing advice.

Our private service is focussed on:

Keeping your family united as one

We take great joy in contributing our money and time to support others. We truly understand the value of giving. However, we’re also across the potential issues that can arise from it. We’ll help you make clear and informed decisions on your giving, maximising the impact and ensuring it is most tax-effective. We also protect our clients with iron-tight screening and governance.

We do this by

Making sure all family members shine in their lives and feel a sense of meaning and purpose. We’ll encourage each to pursue their own path, develop their strengths and achieve success through their unique goals, while also holding close a shared family mission. Everyone will feel valued and heard as we identify both the wishes and priorities of each individual and the collective family.

But we don’t forget your goals and aspirations.

These are pivotal to the strategy we’ll prepare. We’ll explore all your interests and passions, from lifestyle, travel and leisure, to education and business opportunities, to capital expenditure and philanthropy, nutting out a conscious plan for each.

Our blueprint has it covered.

When we are fully across the needs, goals and aspirations of your family, we’ll pull together an overarching blueprint to achieve all objectives and keep everyone fulfilled and happy. We’ll use this to underpin our work as we drive your projects, manage your priorities and coordinate your professionals, ensuring the family mission is upheld in all your affairs.

Successfully mapping the transfer of your wealth

We all want the best for our children – and their children, and their children, and their children. But the sad reality is up to 70 percent of wealth transfers fail thanks to poor planning, conflict and miscommunication. We can map out effective strategies to ensure your wealth is successfully passed down from one generation to the next, preserving your hard work and achievements for generations to come.

We know the key to successful wealth transfer from one generation to the next.

It comes down to two factors. The first is identifying the family mission. The second is facilitating clear and effective communication between all family members.

We strive to make sure wealth transfer is successful for your family.

We involve younger generations early, educating them about managing the family wealth and ensuring they are prepared for the responsibility that lies ahead. We encourage open communication between your family, strive to maintain family cohesion and help to foster healthy relationships – both with other family members, and with money – from a young age.

Being your trusted team

We understand how challenging it is to find the right team to trust your world with. Our clients become like family to us. We are there with you through good times and bad, highs and lows, successes, achievements, disappointments, big moments, heartbreaking decisions and everything in between. We offer iron-tight confidentiality and vehemently protect your privacy, and will be the consistent, dependable, expert source of guidance and support your family needs.

Think of us as your family’s own CFO.

We’re available at all times you need us. We can examine and provide expert advice on every proposition before it is signed off. Of course, our approach is collaborative and we work closely with your other trusted advisers and external specialists to ensure you receive the optimal level of service and advice.

If something happens to you, we’ll be there.

We’ll step up immediately, offering support and guidance for your spouse and children, and ensuring all affairs continue on smoothly, productively and in line with your wishes.

Your desire to give back

Many successful people are passionate about supporting causes close to their heart. We have experts to help you to make clear and informed decisions on your family’s generous giving, helping you to maximise the impact of your giving and ensuring it is most tax-effective.

Managing governance and ongoing advice

If you are comfortable with our financial strategies and advice, our next step will be establishing governance procedures such as decision-making protocols, roles and responsibilities and a quarterly family board meeting framework. This will ensure your affairs run like clockwork throughout the year.

We review your plans as required.

Goals and priorities can evolve over time, and our priority will always be to make sure they are clearly defined and we are on track to achieving them. Together, we’ll monitor your progress, review your objectives and revise as required.

And introducing our Swiss-based Principal Wealth Advisor, Patrick Canion

Patrick, an award-winning financial advisor and the former owner and CEO of ipac WA, is now part of our team here at The Wealth Designers. Patrick is based in Geneva and will not only represent The Wealth Designers in Switzerland, the EU and the UK, but will be able to offer our sophisticated investors with business interests and investments here “on-the-ground” expert guidance from the heart of Switzerland.

We’re so thrilled to have an Advisor of Patrick’s experience and calibre join our team. Not only was his former firm crowned the inaugural Professional Practice of the Year by the Financial Planning Association, Patrick is also renowned in the industry for his expertise in providing independent expert witness reports and for having impressive corporate governance experience in not-for profit, private, and public companies. This aside, he shares our ethos of helping clients to live well, both now and in the future, and is an all-round great guy who builds warm, authentic relationships, delivering a truly positive experience for all clients.

If you think Patrick sounds perfect for your financial future, get in touch – we’d love to chat more.

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