Our Difference.

We listen.

We want to know what you value most. Only then can we customise the advice and services to get you there. Maybe it’s early retirement or a waterfront weekender. It could be clawing time back from your busy life so you can tuck your kids into bed each night.

Or as complex as protecting your wealth and legacy through the next generation and beyond. Tell us – we’re listening.

We aren’t product pushers.

The Financial Services Royal Commission unveiled some pretty frightening facts about financial advisors operating in the best interests of banks. As a privately-owned company with no alignment and no third-party endorsement, you can be confident that the advice we give is, and always will be, in YOUR best interests.

We deliver value.

We won’t commit to working with you unless we are 100 percent confident that we can deliver value over a 12-month period. It’s that simple. And we have a stringent review process. We consistently check in with you, to help you navigate challenges and obstacles and to ensure the life you value remains on track and always in sight.

We believe in one flat fee.

Financial services traditionally have a complex cost structure. We don’t work like that at The Wealth Designers – we feel it is confusing for clients and takes their hands off the wheel of their wealth journeys. That’s why we aim for one flat, transparent fee to help our clients understand the true value of their return.

We’re not elitist.

We want to help Australians to live their best lives. That’s why we offer tiers of services, whether you’re placed to start your first investments, managing more complex affairs or guiding significant wealth.

We’re inspired by a very special ethos.

Our service is inspired by some special souls, none more so than the late Sharl MacMillan. The mother of founder and CEO Troy, Sharl owned a booming record store business in the 80s that was built on providing people with the most exceptional customer experience, where everyone felt seen, heard and valued.