Discover the Future of Financial Literacy with START WELL™

At The Wealth Designers, we’re always striving to bring more value to our clients. We are proud to introduce our latest initiative – a financial literacy program for the next generation called START WELL™. This program is offered free of charge to the children and grandchildren of our clients and aims to educate young people about wealth creation and building a life with both money and meaning. START WELL™ encourages smart decisions from an early age regarding spending, superannuation, and investments.


START WELL™ was developed in response to research indicating a significant gap in quality financial literacy education for children. Our mission is to bridge this gap and give back to our community by empowering future generations to live well and make informed financial decisions.

Program Highlights

  • Free for Clients’ Families: Available at no cost to our clients, their children and grandchildren.
  • Comprehensive Education: Covers topics such as wealth creation, financial planning, and investment strategies.
  • Interactive Sessions: Includes information sessions for parents and quarterly workshops for children, teens, and young adults.

Upcoming Events

We currently have no sessions or workshops scheduled so please complete the below expression of interest form and we will contact you with the details once the dates are confirmed. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our START WELL™ club.

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