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Helping our clients and their families Live Well is what we do. 

As award-winning financial advisors in Perth, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of financial planning, building wealth so you can live well both now and in the future.  

We understand financial situations are unique, and we’re here to listen to what you want out of life. We work with you to identify obstacles, challenges and complexities that may hinder curating this beautiful life you dream of. 

Benefit from personalised advice from Perth’s top financial advisors and an approach that helps you realise your dreams, kick your goals, and build your legacy. 

Be empowered to live well with TWD today.

Award-Winning Financial Advisors For Your Wealth Goals

We’ve assembled a pretty special crew here at TWD. Fierce advocates of living well, it’s our job to grow your net worth and bring you closer to the future you dream of. 

Whip-smart, kind, and compassionate, we’re proud to say our Perth-based certified financial planners and investment analysts are some of the best in the country. We bring years of experience to deliver personalised solutions that suit you and your wealth goals. 

We’re here to help you with common challenges like retirement uncertainties or investment dilemmas, and to guide you with financial advice tailored to you. 

This is a little about how we can help you live well. 

  • Tailored solutions for common and complex financial challenges.
  • Expert guidance for retirement.
  • Proactive investment advice.
  • Years of combined experience for your financial well-being.
  • Inclusive guidance for all Australians looking for a life with money and meaning.

Our Financial Planning Services in Perth

  • Trusted Financial Advice

    Complex financial situations happen and can be time-consuming and completely overwhelming. When life gets complicated, we’re your trusted partner to take the load. Trust Perth’s top financial advisors to simplify and streamline your financial landscape, offer custom roadmaps to guide you and resolve financial headaches so you can focus on living well.

    Manage your financial complexity today.

  • Private Wealth Management

    We’re here to help you live well and do this by getting to know you. Whether you’ve built enormous success, inherited riches, or are building your empire, our extraordinary team comprises Perth’s most skilled wealth advisors, who deliver a concierge service based on what you and your family value most.

    Partner with us for personalised wealth management.

  • Investment Advice

    Finding the right team to trust with your world can be challenging. More than just award-winning financial advisors, our in-house investment team, TWD Invest, offer expert investment advice and portfolio management. Our analysts are here to take away uncertainty and deliver peace of mind that your nest egg is being carefully managed under the watchful eye of experts.

    Make your money work for you and kick your wealth goals today.

  • Manage Your Superannuation

    The rules in superannuation keep changing, which is why you need expert knowledge to help guide you to maximise your entitlements. Our qualified superannuation advisors help you make the most of your super, advising on all superannuation funds including SMSF. We look at the big picture to manage long-term growth and risks while working towards your unique wealth goals.

    Get started with our team today.

  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement looks different for everyone, and we’re here to make your plans a reality. Whether you want to jet-set around the world or plan on settling down in your dream home, our certified financial planners guide you through the complexities of retirement, tailor your plans to your lifestyle and bring your dreams to life.

    Let’s make sure your money keeps working long after you stop.

  • Personal Insurance Advice

    We get it – life’s full of surprises. That’s why reliable, personal insurance advice is necessary. Our team of award-winning financial advisers make sure they get to know you and the unique challenges you face. Whether it’s safeguarding your family or securing your assets, we’ll make sure you’re covered. We go beyond the ordinary, tailoring insurance solutions for your specific needs.

    Let’s navigate life’s uncertainties together.

  • Estate Planning

    We understand how challenging it is to plan for the end of your life; we also know how crucial it is. We’re more than just financial advisors; we’re your trusted partner here to protect your life’s work and ensure it goes to those you cherish most. Minimising complications for a smooth asset transition, we offer support and guidance for your spouse and children during this time.

    Protect your family finances and design an estate plan that reflects your values.

  • Centrelink Advice

    Centrelink matters can be confusing and time consuming. Our financial advice goes beyond numbers – it’s about making sense of your unique financial journey so we can make the most of your financial situation. Our team of experts provide personalised Centrelink advice that fits YOUR story.

    Connect with us at The Wealth Designers for understanding financial guidance today.

  • Philanthropic Advice

    For many people, living well includes giving well. Our financial advice extends beyond wealth accumulation to philanthropic guidance tailored to your values. Whether you’re a seasoned philanthropist or starting your giving journey, our TWD for-purpose advisors ensure your contributions align with your passions.

    Let’s make your impact count.

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Award-Winning Financial Advice

We want to help Australians live their best lives, so we developed an approach centred around listening to what our clients value most. We’re proud to say this approach has led to industry recognition from our peers as winners of all the major financial advice industry awards, and rave reviews from our clients.

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