Our In-House Investment Service

Why our in-house investment team makes ALL the difference.

We’d like to introduce you to our Investment team. It plays a huge role in who we are and the value we can offer.

This senior team is comprised of in-house investment analysts and external consultants with a sole job of watching the market. They work closely with our advisers, keeping them abreast of smart investment opportunities.

Why we created TWD Invest

In most financial advisory firms, an adviser is expected to be a master-of-all trades who can juggle being a:

  • Market expert.
  • Relationship builder.
  • Strategist extraordinaire.
  • Legislation specialist.

In other words, while staying across an economic environment that changes rapidly, an adviser must also stay across your needs, resolve your concerns and drive your goals.

But there’s a problem with wearing too many hats.

Early in his career, founder Troy MacMillan realised that in order to be the best adviser possible, he had to focus on his clients – their challenges, their complexities, what they valued, what they wanted – so he could give them optimal advice to achieve their outcomes.

So he assembled another group of experts to deliver on the investment side; one whose job was to study the markets, analyse portfolios and build investment strategies each day. This is how TWD Invest was born.

Why TWD Invest sets us apart

From this small seed, TWD Invest has flourished into one of our most defining advantages. Having our own senior investment team to monitor investments and the markets with the aim of building the best investment portfolio possible means our advisers can focus on helping you build that dream life, filled with money and meaning.

At TWD Invest, we source securities and product solutions from a number of independent, well-known providers and engage external investment specialists, Resonant Asset Management, to provide even more analytical and research support.

We also utilise the latest in investment advances and technology, including Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

But wait, there’s more!

Not content to leave it there, we wanted to take the investment component of our proposition up another dial. That’s why we introduced two investment committees made up of some of Australia’s most respected and revered asset managers. With one focused wholly on SMAs and the other on wholesale investments, these committees act as overarching decision makers guiding TWD Invest. The committees meet regularly to discuss, research, probe, question, debate and agree on recommendations and guidelines for our clients going forward.

TWD Invest benefits
all our clients.


Over the years we have proudly witnessed the extraordinary value TWD Invest brings to ALL our clients, from those starting their journey to those with colossal bank balances. It underpins all our services and can be accessed as a service within itself, so everyone benefits. With some of the best analysts in the country on hand, ready to jump into any meeting, we’re consistently able to offer you well researched, tailored investment propositions. Couple this with our dedicated advisers, who truly listen and care, and our two investment committees overseeing it all, and you can get an idea of our commitment to delivering optimal outcomes for our clients.