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What exactly is financial advice?

Our clients

How do I know if you’re the right financial advice firm for me?

Where can I hear from some of your clients?

I’m from a high-net-worth family. What types of financial services can you help me with?

I represent a not-for-profit organisation. What types of financial services can you help with?

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Our process

What is your financial advice process?

What happens in an Intro Call?

What happens in a Discovery Meeting?

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Our fees

How and when do you charge and what does it cost?

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Do The Wealth Designers take any commissions?

Is The Wealth Designers linked to any financial product providers?

Our difference

What makes The Wealth Designers different from other firms?

Tell me more about your ‘Live Well’ philosophy

Tell me more about TWD Invest

What types of investments can you offer me advice on?

What is your Start Well program all about?