Dawn Thomas_Sydney Morning Herald
30 May 2024

How do you pick a good super fund?

Dawn Thomas, Senior Financial Adviser, recently shared her expertise with The Sydney Morning Herald as part of their 6-part Super Fit Series.

In her discussion with Caterina Hrysomallis, Dawn emphasised the significant financial impact of selecting the right Superannuation Fund for retirement.

“While having a cost-effective fund is crucial, the cheapest option isn’t always the best,” Dawn advised.

She highlighted the importance of evaluating both the performance returns and the fees associated with a Super fund when making a choice.

Read the full article here: It could cost you thousands, so how do you pick a good super fund?

Managing your Super

Superannuation plays an essential part in the big picture of your long-term wealth. We can make the most of your super and help organise your self-managed funds.

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