Friends with money
15 March 2024

The emotional rollercoaster of your finances

Did you know emotions can get in the way of how well you manage your money?

Understanding the money lessons ingrained in us during childhood and actively addressing our feelings about finance can be a powerful first step towards seizing control of our finances and paving the way to real wealth.

Recently, Senior Financial Adviser Dawn Thomas joined Joanna Tovia on the Friends with Money podcast to talk about how to improve your relationship with money.

Friends with Money is the official podcast of Money Magazine.

Tune into the conversation to hear Dawn’s advice on:

  • How emotions get in the way of sound money management
  • Why feelings of guilt, shame and apathy so common when it comes to money
  • Why it’s important to celebrate the things we’ve done right with our money
  • What a healthy relationship with money looks like
  • Five tips to better manage your money

Listen to Friends With Money #151: The emotional rollercoaster of your finances on your favourite streaming platform: