TWD Living Well 2
27 June 2023

Defining and Achieving Your Version of Living Well

At The Wealth Designers, living well is more than just a phrase; it’s a core belief.

Many people seek their services to grow their wealth, thinking that’s the only path to a fulfilling life. However, The Wealth Designers know that wealth is just one part of the equation.

They always remind their clients that the concept of living well is unique to each individual. Once they help clients identify what living well means to them, they can then focus on how to financially support that vision.

For example, The Wealth Designers’ Chief Executive Troy MacMillian recently shared a special personal experience he had recently. For him, living well is about sharing special moments and creating beautiful memories with his family.

Last week, he and his son Xander took a trip to the east coast. Their days were packed with theme parks, wildlife adventures, footy games, and snow-filled fun. The timing wasn’t ideal work-wise, as The Wealth Designers had just moved into their new offices and it was the end of the financial year.

But at The Wealth Designers, practising what they preach is important. He wanted to spend quality time with his son, so he made it a priority. The trip was a fantastic experience: they laughed until their bellies hurt, cheered until they were hoarse, marvelled at new sights, and had snowball fights. They returned home exhausted but exhilarated and happy.

These are the kinds of memories that money can’t buy. The Wealth Designers believe that when planning for your dream future, it’s crucial to include experiences that bring joy and fulfilment.

The Wealth Designers are dedicated to helping clients achieve their own version of living well. They provide expert financial advice tailored to each client’s unique goals, ensuring a future filled with moments and memories that truly matter.