12 July 2018

A big development at The Wealth Designers

Introducing TWD Private, TWD Advisory, TWD Essentials and TWD Invest.

Since founding The Wealth Designers in 2009, we’ve believed that to deliver value and financial certainty to clients, we first need to understand their ‘why’. That will never change, nor will our client-first boutique approach to financial advice.

What has been changing are the needs of our clients and the advice services they have been requesting. As of this week, The Wealth Designers has become TWD Australia, with several distinct new business arms. We’ve also launched a brand new suite of websites to service a greater variety of client needs.


Why are we changing?

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach will never work for something as complicated as financial advice. For example, you’re in a different life situation to when we first met, and as the world evolves and so must we. While the team remains the same, this change marks the start of an expansion of our offerings and the places we operate.


TWD Private is our exclusive and unique service for wealthy families. This comprehensive, concierge-level service protects the wealth and legacies of many of Australia’s most prominent people.

TWD Advisory is at the core of our advice services. It’s everything that you’ve come to expect from TWD, with an even greater focus on holistically project managing your financial life.

TWD Essentials is best suited to those who are just beginning to grow their wealth or have one or two specific financial hurdles to overcome. Our ‘light touch’ approach reduces costs for everyday Australians.

TWD Invest brings the expertise of our Senior Investment Manager and team, combined with the experience of our Investment Committee. Their insights assist our advisers to deliver the very best in in-house investment solutions to our clients.


These new offerings all sit beneath the TWD Australia banner, along with TWD for Purpose for those concerned with philanthropy.

To discover more, please feel free to call us to discuss how we can be of service to you.