16 May 2018

Investment Q&A with Christina Matthews

The WACA chief executive says having a balanced portfolio is about how all the pieces work together.

What advice do you wish you had received when you got your first job?

The value of retaining superannuation instead of cashing out when I changed jobs. With time and patience, compounding takes effect.

How would you describe your risk profile?

I’m happy to take a bit of risk with investments, but I want to know that there are some cash reserves in place to protect me from downturns in the share market & property market.

What was your best investment decision?

Investing $20,000 in shares when I was 35. I managed to double the money in a year and that allowed me to buy my first property.

What was your worst investment decision?

Buying a permanent caravan at a camping ground on the central coast of NSW which I never used –however, a number of my friends did. I didn’t earn any income and sold it at a lossyears later.

Do you believe a balanced portfolio should include exotic options like cryptocurrencies, gold or artwork?

A balanced portfolio is about how all the pieces work together.

I have Gold as part of my Super portfolio now.   

I don’t have any exposure to cryptocurrencies however provided the risks of this type of investment are properly understood and its initial potion is small in comparison to other more blue-chip assets then I don’t see a problem with people wanting to have a punt.

I enjoy having pieces of art in my home but would leave trading artwork to the experts.

What sources of information do you use to make investment decisions?

Friends, social networks and a thorough review of business newspapers and publications, as well as my financial adviser.

Do you invest in foreign assets?

Yes, Australia is only a small portion of the global economy so I have exposure to overseas assets indirectly through different funds I am invested in.

How often do you review your decisions?

My partner & I sit down with our financial adviser, Cara Graham at TWD, twice a year to review our plans & strategies.

What do you think is the best Australian or global investment opportunity?

Technology, we are going to see an enormous amount of change in the coming years and technology is the main driver.


As published in The West Australian